Average Joe teaches how to fascinate any audience, especially in the tech industry.
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Average Joe tells the true stories of tech startups and tech founders, and their elusive and almost impossible paths to tech industry glory. But it also introduces a secondary path: a model of tech product creation, or creation of any product/service, that anyone can deploy in their work and lives. It shows you how to work through the steps of the Slow Create Framework to generate insights, little-c moments of creativity, and even potentially, inflections. These, when framed within the Sustainable Mystique Triad, can bubble-up toward the top, where they can give you the best possible chance to achieve audience fascination.

We can organize and structure our subject matter into a canvas. Once the information is on paper, organized, legible, and clear, it's then that we can invoke the steps of the Mindless Work LADDER against it. Our PDS Cycles (patterns, details, and secrets), are perpetually firing, crunching through a few key boxes on the canvas.

Average Joe teaches you how to work through the framework and consistently generate meaningful outputs from your subject matter—whatever it may be. Then, it shows you (with real-world tech founder/startup examples), of how to avoid the hype and hustle, and speak with your very own form of sustainable mystique based on meaningful work and substance.

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Average Joe Concepts
Let's take a quick tour of what's in Average Joe.

“This book is a must-have for all tech start-up founders and entrepreneurs.”

Sean Ellis, originator of Growth Hacking

“A brilliant piece of work for product teams and creators.”

Jeff Sherwood, Product Consultant

“My brain hurts. The concepts in this book are so good.”

Chris Andrade, Tech Startup Advisor

“I want my entire company to read this book.”

Troy Hoffman, CEO

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The Tech Genius Is A Myth

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Average Joe Conceptual Fly-Over

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Global Book Frenzy Apocalypse

Join me on the journey, from average to genius.

-Shawn Livermore
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