The Canvas

Plotting out your problem domain requires a deliberate, concerted mental effort. This artifact supplements that effort with simple, easy to use conceptual placements of content. By moving it from your mind to the paper, you free-up your mental space to continue to iterate on the most critical aspects of your problem domain, and the unsolved.

The Slow Create Framework is a streamlined process for ideation, innovation, and problem-solving that functions in alignment with neuroscience. By using this framework, anyone can derive more ideation value from their daily work, and infuse their existing mental cycles with more valuable fodder from the subject matter they are already working with.

The model seeks to perform 2 key operations: 
1) structure subject matter more effectively for optimal brain-memory.
2) apply a specific process against that structured subject matter in alignment with predictable brain activity.

This model includes easy-to-use tools like the canvas, pipeline, and funnel.

The specific sections of the canvas are listed below: 
- Problem/Idea Area
- Factors
- Actors
- Inspirations
- Patterns
- Details
- Secrets
- Unsolved
- Mindless Work LADDER
- Nibbles of Synthesis
- Inflections

By working through from top-left to bottom-right, you can iteratively process through your subject matter on the way to inflections and potentially moments of breakthrough.

You can download the full PDF of the canvas here.
The Canvas

The Canvas allows you to plot out each idea area or problem domain into a single, structured set of boxes we call a Canvas. This structured information becomes your primary, centralized, and organized dataset that your mind can optimally process against on a regular, ongoing basis. Use the Funnel to explain each step within the Canvas.

Download the Canvas
The Pipeline

As you create multiple canvases, it can become hard to keep track of them. The Pipeline organizes all your canvases into a single view. From this one simplified synopsis, your mind can traverse rapidly between problem sets or idea areas on a daily basis.

Download the Pipeline
The Triad

As you emerge from the Slow Create process with inflections, breakthroughs, or little-c creative epiphanies, the Sustainable Mystique Triad helps you amalgamate and communicate your findings in a format and cadence that can fascinate an audience.

Download the Triad

Above shows the 3 core components of the framework, the canvas, pipeline, and triad, working together in order from left to right. Each canvas you create can be dropped into a single pipeline. As you work through the pipeline, you can generate triads. That is, well-framed models of communication of your progress, (and eventual results), using the Sustainable Mystique triad.

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