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The Tech Genius Is A Myth

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Average Joe Conceptual Fly-Over

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About the Author

Shawn Livermore

Hi there, I'm Shawn. I've snuck into the tech industry and over the last 20 years I've found my way as a software engineer, consultant, and a tech startup founder. I've pitched my tech startups to investors over 120 times, experienced two startup accelerators, and somehow managed to raise venture capital investment six times.

So I was white-boarding and explaining some stuff at work... you know—the usual tech industry nerdy-code-architecture type of thing... when my client started calling me a tech genius. I certainly didn't feel like I was one of those. But I began to realize...
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"I love this stuff!"
"Startup secrets, growth, genius, the magic touch, mystique—all of it. This is a self-help retreat in a book. A must-have for tech start-up founders and entrepreneurs that want to better communicate their ideas and grow their products."

—Sean Ellis
The originator of Growth Hacking; helped Dropbox grow from a few million to over $10 billion in value.

Join me on the journey, from average to genius.

-Shawn Livermore
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Amazon Top 10 Best-Seller