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Scheduled Engagements

Consulting &  Training Engagements

Hire Shawn work with your team or company on a scheduled engagement.

Learn the Slow Create Framework from its creator.
Optimize ideation, creativity, & problem-solving abilities.
Increase overall mental cycles for every employee or team member in your organization.
Increase intellectual capacity, turning your average Joes into tech geniuses.
Hours of Training
One-on-One Training Also Available

We Believe We Can  Consistently Achieve

More Ideas Toward Problems
By learning the Slow Create Framework and the model for invoking brain-optimized mechanisms of thought, creativity, and ideation.
Faster Speed of Innovation
By helping your team members organize their ideas and concepts, then apply a systematic process against that data.
Savings Per Year, Per Employee
By using the Slow Create Framework, Mindless Work LADDER, and Sustainable Mystique Triad, it could potentially lead to savings of $5,000 per employee per year in time recaptured, speed of delivery increased, and overall employee value to the organization.
Types of Engagements

Two Ways to Engage

Online Zoom Sessions

Engaging and professionally structured zoom sessions with any number of participants over 2 solid days, plus a little homework.

Professional Live Event Setup
Live Chat Support in Real-Time
Customized to Fit Any Industry
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In-Person Trainings

1, 2, and 3-day events designed to reinvigorate teams of any size, and from any industry, to create, ideate, and develop their ideas into meaningful outcomes.

Full, Detailed Slow Create Trainings Sessions
Whiteboard Breakouts
Small, Medium, or Large Team Sizes
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