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"I love this stuff!"
"Startup secrets, growth, genius, the magic touch, mystique—all of it. This is a self-help retreat in a book. A must-have for tech start-up founders and entrepreneurs that want to better communicate their ideas and grow their products."

—Sean Ellis
The originator of Growth Hacking; helped Dropbox grow from a few million to over $10 billion in value.
Average Joe Concepts
Let's take a quick tour of what's in Average Joe.

“This book is a must-have for all tech start-up founders and entrepreneurs.”

Sean Ellis, originator of Growth Hacking

“A brilliant piece of work for product teams and creators.”

Jeff Sherwood, Product Consultant

“My brain hurts. The concepts in this book are so good.”

Chris Andrade, Tech Startup Advisor

“I want my entire company to read this book.”

Troy Hoffman, CEO

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The Tech Genius Is A Myth

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Average Joe Conceptual Fly-Over

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Think, Speak, and Create Like a Tech Genius.

How did some tech founders create breakthrough products and grow their startups into household names? How did one tech entrepreneur convince an investor in a brief car ride to sign a term sheet for 4 billion dollars? They are tech geniuses—software programmers and startup founders with a magic touch and a special mystique. They capture the imagination of our media, as they turn simple ideas into highly profitable, billion-dollar businesses. But the tech genius is not exactly what you might think. Average Joe dispels the myth of the tech genius, explaining  how these clever nerds work their wonders. But in a surprising twist, it also helps anyone become the myth themselves. Using new concepts and tools like the Slow Create Framework, the Mindless Work LADDER, and Sustainable Mystique, anyone can up their game and go from average Joe to tech genius.

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