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The Slow Create Framework

How do the greatest creative minds in the tech industry work their magic? How did some founders create breakthrough products and apps like Slack, Dropbox, Gmail? Average Joe looks at product creation in tech, telling the true backstories of how some of the biggest tech brands in the world came to be. Many of these stories involved great timing, a holy hunch, a dedicated team, and near-perfect product execution. The founders were able to innovate, ideate, and iterate their way into rooms of investors who jumped on to the already-moving train. These are great stories.

But after the stories are told, and after the dust settles, what about the rest of us? We all should have a shot at creating a tech product, setting our calibration properly, and pitching our innovations to the world around us. Average Joe bridges this gap, and introduces a brand-new thought framework to help anyone create, ideate, innovate, and communicate. And don't let the name fool you: Slow Create is one of the fastest and most efficient model for thought optimization and creative innovation that most people will ever encounter.

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The Slow Create Framework

Tech startup founders and software developers use various methodologies and systems to create new software. These include the LEAN methodology, AGILE, SCRUM, Waterfall, FDD, (Feature Driven Development), and many more. These help teams move quickly, iterate on their conceptual notions, and get their products in front of customers to begin cycles of iterative improvement. These methodologies are fine-tuned for the tech industry. Yet, many have successfully found their way into nearly every other industry out there.

But these models focus on the actual implementation - cycles of software development and product refinement. They don't (sufficiently) address ideation and incubation. They don't explain how ideas and products are actually conceived in the first place. They only point to how effectively the ideas and innovations were iterated on and refined into products, after they were already mostly contrived. Creating the new is, as a result, still shrouded in mystery, even from within the tech industry.

While writing Average Joe, in the Winter and Spring of 2020, a software architect Shawn Livermore, collaborated with a cognitive neuroscientist, (Dr. Jesse Rissman, PhD), with a goal in mind: to figure out exactly how products are contrived - how tech geniuses work their magic. That is, how do some tech professionals and some startup founders perpetually create breakthrough products? What are their technological and neuroscience techniques? And, can anyone else engage in these same techniques? These questions overlap the foundational premise of the book, the myth of the tech genius.
After months of work, Rissman and Livermore pieced-together a modest, yet effective creativity and ideation framework that literally anyone and everyone can use. It's widely accessible and simple to adopt.

The Slow Create Framework is a streamlined process for ideation, innovation, and problem-solving that functions in alignment with neuroscience. By using this framework, anyone can derive more ideation value from their daily work, and infuse their existing mental cycles with more valuable fodder from the subject matter they are already working with.

The model seeks to perform 2 key operations: 

1) structure subject matter more effectively for optimal brain-memory. This involves artifacts like the Canvas and the Pipeline.

2) apply a specific process against that structured subject matter in alignment with predictable brain activity.

This model includes easy-to-use tools like the canvas, pipeline, and funnel.

The layer on top of the framework, Sustainable Mystique, then helps anyone crystalize their message and communicate their ideas and progress to everyone around them in the most effective way possible. And, if done well, the model helps to potentially achieve audience fascination.

Above shows the 3 core components of the framework, the canvas, pipeline, and triad, working together in order from left to right. Each canvas you create can be dropped into a single pipeline. As you work through the pipeline, you can generate triads. That is, well-framed models of communication of your progress, (and eventual results), using the Sustainable Mystique triad.

The Canvas

The Canvas allows you to plot out each idea area or problem domain into a single, structured set of boxes we call a Canvas. This structured information becomes your primary, centralized, and organized dataset that your mind can optimally process against on a regular, ongoing basis. Use the Funnel to explain each step within the Canvas.

Download the Canvas
The Pipeline

As you create multiple canvases, it can become hard to keep track of them. The Pipeline organizes all your canvases into a single view. From this one simplified synopsis, your mind can traverse rapidly between problem sets or idea areas on a daily basis.

Download the Pipeline
The Triad

As you emerge from the Slow Create process with inflections, breakthroughs, or little-c creative epiphanies, the Sustainable Mystique Triad helps you amalgamate and communicate your findings in a format and cadence that can fascinate an audience.

Download the Triad

Dr. Jesse Rissman, PhD

The Slow Create Framework, (including the Canvas, Pipeline, Mindless Work LADDER, and Funnel), was created as a result of a multi-month in-depth collaboration with Dr. Jesse Rissman, Ph.D., a cognitive neuroscience expert. Dr. Rissman is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences at University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA). Dr. Rissman earned his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley before completing his postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford.

Dr. Rissman directs a research lab that focuses on the interplay of attention and memory, with transcranial brain stimulation and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study neural circuits of  cognitive processes.

The Slow Create Framework

Creating the Framework

Average Joe Concepts
Let's take a quick tour of what's in Average Joe.

“This book is a must-have for all tech start-up founders and entrepreneurs.”

Sean Ellis, originator of Growth Hacking

“A brilliant piece of work for product teams and creators.”

Jeff Sherwood, Product Consultant

“My brain hurts. The concepts in this book are so good.”

Chris Andrade, Tech Startup Advisor

“I want my entire company to read this book.”

Troy Hoffman, CEO

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Join me on the journey, from average to genius.

-Shawn Livermore
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